Retaining Walls / Seawall Construction

Retaining walls are a fundamental element in commercial and residential construction projects. A retaining wall can transform a generic landscape into an elegant courtyard. A structural retaining wall adds strength and appeal to any exterior landscape design project.

Difazio Construction Inc. is also a professional seawall construction contractor, servicing Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and Massachusetts coastlines. We conducted extensive waterfront development and repair work towards shoreline protection after Hurricane Sandy damaged miles of coast in our area in 2012.

We build retaining walls for developers and homeowners alike. We are known for dependable service at affordable prices with beautiful results. Choose from modular block, rock / stone or timber retaining walls.

Difazio Site Corp. and A. Difazio Construction, Inc. are also experienced in construction of modular walls, concrete walls and seawalls. Our quality and attention to detail make our companies leaders in this industry.